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Twente Solid State Technology (TSST) was founded in 1998 as a spin-off company from the University of Twente, and offers high quality thin film solutions. As a result TSST products can now be found around the world. TSST wants to contribute to the progress in the worldwide scientific community of advanced thin film materials by: - Providing state-of-the-art deposition equipment, with focus on pulsed laser deposition - Developing and sharing relevant expertise
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For customers using Excimer lasers. In the last 6 months there has been a significant... Read more

Pulsed laser deposition controlled by high pressure RHEED

Twente Solid State Technology regularly organizes PLD courses

One of the key elements in deposition system is the target stage. Twente Solid State Technology offers custom solutions.


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    TSST BV and partners have successfully completed the FP7 EU IFOX project

    The goal of IFOX was to explore, create and control novel electronic and magnetic functionalities, with focus on interfaces, in complex transition metal oxide heterostructures to develop the material platform for novel ‘More than Moore’ and ‘beyond CMOS’ electronics, VLSI integratable with performance and functionality far beyond the state-of-the art. Within the IFOX project, TSST has realized, amongst others:


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    TSST BV on MRS Spring meeting in Phoenix, USA

    TSST was one of the many exhibitors at the MRS 2016 spring meeting in Phoenix, USA. At the booth, visitors not only could get info about our latest developments on PLD equipment, but also about our recent achievements on epitaxial growth of complex oxide heterostructures on 4” Si wafers.  


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    Open day

    On Thursday May 12th, DEMCON, TSST, Focal Vision & Optics, Imotec, Qmicro and FiftyTwoDegreesNorth will organise an open day at the Institutenweg 25 in Enschede. We  will give technical HBO/University-students the possibility to learn more about our dynamic projects and to meet our collegues. Interested? You can register on www.demcon.nl/opendag!


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    Excimer laser gasses – Issue resolved

    For customers using Excimer lasers. In the last 6 months there has been a significant peak in the price of Neon, which is a major component in the Excimer laser gas. In this period the price has peaked to staggering levels. This has led to (partial) substitution options with Helium as partial solutions. However, current pricing is already down to more acceptable levels and is expected continue to decrease.



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