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Twente Solid State Technology (TSST) was founded in 1998 as a spin-off company from the University of Twente, and offers high quality thin film solutions. As a result TSST products can now be found around the world. TSST wants to contribute to the progress in the worldwide scientific community of advanced thin film materials by: - Providing state-of-the-art deposition equipment, with focus on pulsed laser deposition - Developing and sharing relevant expertise
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We are about to launch our first TSST newsletter! Every three months we will publish a new edition to... Read more

Pulsed laser deposition controlled by high pressure RHEED

Twente Solid State Technology regularly organizes PLD courses

One of the key elements in deposition system is the target stage. Twente Solid State Technology offers custom solutions.


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    coming soon

    Right now we are working on a totally new website. Our new site will provide you which much more information about TSST, our products, PLD and research than you are used to. It is our intention to publish it soon!      


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    PLD course 2018, @TSST and The University of Twente, Enschede, The Netherlands

    We like to announce the next annual PLD course, to take place from Wednesday June 6th to Friday June 8th 2017. The course is organised in collaboration with Coherent, STAIB, the Inorganic Materials Science (IMS) group and the MESA+ Institute for Nanotechnology. Goal of the course is to obtain an understanding of the scientific and technological background of pulsed laser deposition controlled by high pressure RHEED, including hands-on training. For more information and registration please send an email to *protected email*.


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    COST TO-BE fall meeting, Riga, Latvia September 11th-13th 2017

    We will be joining the upcoming 2017 COST TO-BE Fall Meeting, to be held in Riga, Latvia from September 11 to 13. The Meeting will be organised by the Institute of Solid State Physics University of Latvia. Program of the meeting is yet to be published and will be announced here.


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    New agent for Australia, New Zealand and the Islands of South West Pacific

    We are proud to announce that we reached an agreement with Scitek total vacuum solutions in Australia. From now on, Scitek will represent us in the region Australia, New Zealand and the Islands of South West Pacific. We are confident that, together with Scitek, we are able to offer excellent advice and support to our customers in this region.      



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