Target stages

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TSST target stage 2

One of the key elements in deposition system is the target stage. Here, the  targets with the material to be deposited are mounted. Specific applications usually put different constraints on the design of these stages. E.g., for multilayer deposition a  target carousel is required that can host several targets and can rapidly switch between them. Other constraints, e.g. minimizing the requirement for grinding of the targets, would lead to a design where the entire  target surface is scanned during ablation.

Twente Solid State Technology has developed a number of different types of target stages, each with a basic design, allowing  for maximum flexibility to adapt them to specific needs.

A standard design consists of two parts. The first part is fixed inside the deposition chamber, and hosts the basic motions for target spinning or scanning, and target selection. The spinning or scanning motion is always motorized, target selection can be motorized as an option.

The second part is a target carousel onto which the targets are mounted. Standard designs allow for up to 6 different targets onto one carousel. All targets are fixed to simple target mounts that can easily be exchanged.

The target carousels have a mechanism allowing them to be loaded and unloaded easily via a loadlocking principle. This allows for quick exchange of targets before another deposition, while maintaining optimal  vacuum conditions in the main vacuum chamber. Other options such as individual target loading, or a fixed carousel are also available.

The standard design can host targets with a maximum dimension of 1 inch (25.4 mm), but the stages can be adapted for larger targets.

Twente Solid State Technology offers custom solutions to your requirements. The specifications mentioned here are not stringent and can always be adapted to meet your specific needs.

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TSST targetSpinning Targets

In the spinning stages targets are rotated to ensure a homogeneous ablation of the target. The rotation is performed by a DC motor controlled rotary feed-through.

Depending on the configuration targets can either be individually extracted or all together. An additional stepper motor can be implemented to motorize the target select. This provides the possibility for automated growth of multilayer films.







TSST TargetScanningScanning Targets


In scanning stages the target is moved in the horizontal and/or vertical direction so that the impact position of the laser on the target surface is varied without changing the position of the ablated area relative to the substrate.

During a second deposition a different section of the target can be selected. Therefore scanning allows prolonged use of a target without the need for grinding down the surface after a single deposition run, minimizing required extractions of the targets. 

The fact that the scanning surface can be adjusted for each target allows a larger variety of target sizes and shapes to be used, compared to target spinning.

The scanning motion and target selection are fully automated by computer control. This makes this system very suited for automated growth of multilayer films.

For more information and to discuss our possibilities please contact Twente Solid State Technology.